Social programme 

We have prepared for you several site visits, which will take place in the morning of Friday, 28 September 2018 (approximately from 9am to 1pm):

  • Bike Valley
  • Circuit Zolder
  • Cycling through water
  • Meuse route
  • Cultural heritage route

1. Bike Valley 

Flanders’ Bike Valley in Beringen was established in 2013 as an Open Innovation Center for the cycling industry. The cluster was founded by 4 local SME’s, which are leaders in their respective sectors, together with one knowledge institute: BioRacer (cycling clothes), Lazer Sport (helmets), Ridley (bikes), Voxdale (aerodynamics) and Flanders Make (a knowledge center for the Automotive Industry). Flanders’ Bike Valley focuses on 6 major topics: Mobility, Sports, Safety and Healthcare, Science & Technology, Industry & Government and Tourism.


During a guided visit you will be able to take a look at their unique low speed wind tunnel, designed specifically for cyclists and the cycling industry, where aerodynamic drag and turbulence can be measured for manufacturers, product developers and athletes. Further on we check out the climate room where riders and developers can simulate different climatological effects. Afterwards we visit the neighbouring Ridley Bikes for a tour of their bike factory.

2. Circuit Zolder  

Circuit Zolder wants to bring the experience of elite car, motorbike, cycling and X-Sports events to a wide audience whilst trying to contribute to the economic, sporting and tourism development of the region in an independent and integral way.


The Circuit also hosts the Flemish Cycling School, where young people aged 5 to 17 can learn different cycling disciplines (road, cyclocross, MTB or BMX) in a high-quality environment. Circuit Zolder hosted several world championships in road cycling, BMX and cyclocross. At night this circuit opens up for cyclists and offers a safe training environment.


During this program you will get acquainted with the different cycling activities Circuit Zolder has to offer. If the weather conditions are good, the dare devils among you are invited to test the BMX circuit. You can also do a short bicycle tour on the former Formula 1 track.


(BMX) bikes and helmets will be provided free of charge. Don’t forget to bring long trousers and a long sleeve shirt. There is the possibility to take a shower afterwards, so also pack a towel and your toiletries too.

3. 'Cycling through water' 

You have never experienced the pond landscape of the Wijers like this before! Ride your bike right through a pond. You can see, feel, smell the water and even touch it ... without getting wet. Would you like to cycle through water and immerse yourself totally in unique landscape of the Wijers? Head straight for Bokrijk, between junctions 91 and 243. Yes, that’s right, you will only find this special experience in Cycling Paradise Limburg!


During this program you will be able to visit this extraordinary cycle path and experience what it is to ride through water. Along the route we pass several heritage sites and top nature spots. There is a possibility to use a Kingo, a top-end smart e-bike for tourism, developed in-house from concept to realization by Click&Bike in Hoeselt, Belgian Limburg.


Cycling route: ±33 km, flat.


Bicycles will be provided free of charge. Please bring waterproof clothing for possible showers.

4. Meuse Cycle Route 

The International Meuse Cycle Route is a great route for cyclists of all proficiency levels as it follows the banks of the River Meuse. It starts at the river’s source on the plateau of the Langres region of France and passes through Belgium into the Netherlands. From source to mouth, the entire Meuse Cycle Route is around 1,000 km long. This attractive and varied route offers ever-changing scenery, with charming towns and villages on both banks of the river, plus there are plenty of cultural heritage sites and culinary treasures from beginning to end. The route is in the process of joining the EuroVelo network as EuroVelo 19.


When riding the Meuse Cycle Route in Belgian Limburg, it is all about the winding river and the natural beauty and picturesque villages alongside the riverbanks. This ride takes you through the most beautiful natural environment in the Riverpark Meuse Valley. While cycling you are rewarded with stunning view points and surprising heritage. We will also cross the border by ferry, on to the Dutch side of the route.


Cycling route: ±20 km, flat.


Bicycles will be provided free of charge. Please bring waterproof clothing for possible showers.

5. Cultural heritage activity 

Do you want to discover what cultural Hasselt is all about?


First, we bike to the Japanese garden, the largest authentic Japanese garden in Western Europe. The Japanese Garden in Hasselt arose from the more than 30-year friendship between Hasselt and the Japanese city of Itami. Stroll around, listen to the waterfalls and discover the gigantic koi fish.


Next stop is the Jenever Museum to learn (and to taste?) more about this popular, strong beverage typical for Hasselt.


Final stop is the Ring Ring Project, a ‘bicycle art in public space project’ in the center of Hasselt. From mid-September, there will be 40 playful and/or artistic cycle installations alongside the ring of Hasselt (hence the name of the project is: Ring Ring).


Cycling route: ±5 km, flat.


Bicycles will be provided free of charge. Please bring waterproof clothing for possible showers. There is a possibility to keep the bikes and explore the area on your own afterwards.


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