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Toerisme Limburg 

Toerisme Limburg shares its knowledge and builds bridges between all tourist partners and 44 cities and municipalities in Limburg. Through collaboration we continuously develop Limburg as a professional and hospitable destination. A destination that is worth visiting all year round, by tourists and Limburgers. More and better tourism in Limburg and more well-being and prosperity for the Limburg population: that is the ambition that Toerisme Limburg wants to achieve together with its partners.


The mission is to develop and stimulate market-oriented, high-quality, attractive and sustainable tourism with public and private actors in the leisure economy. In doing so, we strive for added value for all tourist actors, and we position Limburg as a strong brand and as a distinctive tourist destination in the heart of Europe.

Belgian Limburg Convention Bureau  

Belgian Limburg Convention Bureau (BCLB) is a young dynamic organization that is ‘re-inventing’ conference tourism in Limburg. With our fresh, independent look, we apply creativity in taking advantage of the many benefits Limburg offers for professional events.


For us it is important that our customers are successful and that conference participants return home with a baggage full of ideas and inspirations. Not only content-wise, but also experiencewise.


The corner stones of our region are HighTech, EnergyTech and Innovation & Creation. And that means that the BLCB can use her network within the campuses, university and government to help you to organize conferences or meetings within the range of these topics. We are her to unburden our customers and to facilitate conveniences.


Get inspired by our pioneering spirit, our unspoiled natural surroundings, our attractive industrial heritage, and our historic cities. There is always a location that is the perfect match for your theme or plans. Meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, BLCB is happy to make a selection for you. Free of charge and independent. This is also what Limburg hospitality is all about.

Cartographia IT 

As a subsidiary of Cartographia Ltd., the Cartographia IT delivers smart GIS-based web and mobile solutions. Cartographia Ltd. has been the leading map-making company in Hungary for more than 60 years. Our products include road maps, city maps, world travel maps and travel guides. Cartographia maps are available in most countries of Europe and also in other continents (America, Asia, Australia and Africa). We know what kind of information travellers need and our IT specialists and GIS experts deliver the highly attractive and functional online solutions to your needs. Because of the platform systems developed by us you can save money and time to develop your own portal, smartphone application or smart map!

Circuit Zolder  

Circuit Zolder is most commonly known for their car- and motor events and training to a wide audience. But cycling and X-sports events are also organized at Circuit Zolder. One of the biggest events that Circuit Zolder will organize next year are the world championships BMX that will be held from the 23rd of July till the 28th of July.


After a successful edition of the world championships in 2015, Circuit Zolder is trying to make the edition of 2019 even more successful! Cycling is highly promoted at Circuit Zolder and BMX certainly is one of the sports they want to promote.


In 2015, there were over 3000 riders and almost 30.000 visitors in total. The riders came from 47 different countries, so it really is a worldwide event. Every year, there are several BMX events that are organized at the BMX-track in Zolder and Circuit Zolder wants to use this experience to make the BMX world championships in 2019 a FUNFASTIC edition!


Click&Bike - The SmartBike Factory - we develop Smart Solutions for electric bicycles. We are convinced that electric bicycles will play a central role in tomorrow’s mobility, especially when they become SMART.

Our current end-to-end Smart Solutions are: KINGO & My.Bikes.


KINGO is a Digital Cycle Guide to discover a region or city with an electric bicycle.

My.Bikes is our Smart Connectivity Solution to meet the requirements of fleet managers across different domains including public sector (e.g. smart cities), tourism (rental companies, bike tour operators), corporates (e.g. Post Office delivery, couriers, enterprises offering an alternative commuting solution to their employees) and partners (e.g. insurance companies).

Signco Traffic 

Signco Traffic is a part of the Signco-Fero group, specialized in temporary road signaling, horizontal and vertical signaling, public flower arrangement, . The entity “Traffic” is focused on high quality traffic measurements – Temporary or Permanent - for vehicles, cyclists, public transport, . Data based on cross-section measurements, crossing point measurements, Origin-Destination researches, queue tail measurements, traffic light measurements, . Thanks to the leadership of Stijn Goossens, Signco can base on the enormous amount of knowledge about measuring techniques. Even on the unique, self developed and maintained algorithms for measuring vehicles and cyclists. So no black boxes but proven quality based on knowledge. The unique technique of using optic fibers (originally used in rocket industry) for detecting vehicles and cyclists, in cooperation with Sensorline (Germany), was developed and extended by Stijn himself. He created a sustainable, highly accurate way of measuring with an extreme high level of detail (Cyclist : direction, speed, axle distance, occupancy Vehicles : in addition also headtime and headway) ready for the future (no induction needed), independent of meteo, light,...


By using Signco Serv, a webbased platform, all measurements are provided to the customer. This can be your own sensors or sensors of third parties. Also controlling displays is a part of this platform. Because Signco Traffic is also active in Dynamic Traffic Control. High quality measurements in combination with innovative algorithms creates the controls that a Smart City needs to get to a next level.


More information : Info@signco.be or Stijn.Goossens@Signco.be


Velo-Boxx, the ultimate storage solution


Run out of space in your garage? Are your colleagues fed up with having no dry and secure place to park their bikes? Or do you want to help the city council encourage sustainable mobility? Velo-Boxx has a wide range of solutions including the ultimate secure bike locker.


Velo-Boxx offers a wide range of secure bike lockers. Its star product, the Velo-Boxx PRO, can store up to five bicycles, from wide mountain bikes to electric bikes. A mechanical or electronic ecurity lock ensures that only authorised persons have access to the steel bike locker. The Velo-Boxx can also be fitted with a charging bar for e-bikes and our service includes delivery and installation. The Velo-Boxx can also be customised with paint and/or a logo. These weatherresistant

bike lockers are well-designed, quality Belgian products and comply with all security standards.


Wide range of bicycle lockers

The other products in the Velo-Boxx range are the Velo-Boxx HOME, the Velo-Boxx CARGO and the Velo-Boxx GARDEN. The Velo-Boxx HOME is a DIY building kit and can store up to three bicycles. The Velo-Boxx CARGO was specially designed for cargo bike users. The Velo-Boxx GARDEN offers a solution for those with a lack of space in their garage or garden shed. It is a DIY building kit like the Velo-Boxx HOME and ideal for storing garden tools. We are currently putting together an international dealer network. However, in the meantime, all products can be

purchased directly from Velo-Boxx.


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